Registrace na školní rok 2022/2023

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KULIHRÁŠEK: (Kindergarten / Playgroup): $260 (62 hours).
The rate for students 18mo+. Prorated from birthday ($26/mo).
Includes monthly magazine and library.

JAZYKOVÝ KROUŽEK: (Czech as a foreign language for kids 5+): $260 (31 hours).
Includes monthly magazine and library.

ŠKOLA: (School grade 1+): $320 (62 hours)
Includes textbooks from the Czech Republic, a monthly magazine, and a library.

PD DAYS: $400 (11 CBE days), $200 (5 drop-ins), or $45 (1 drop-in).
Single drop-in is available only after the previous consultation with teachers!

ADULTS – group: $650 (64 hours)
Includes learning materials and library.